Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pathology Osler Course: Audio CD

Our Live CD series, Each CD includes a full days lectures in MP3 format suitable to load onto your MP3 player, listen to on your computer or MP3 capable CD player. The Osler Institute records each of its review courses and then based on participant feedback compiles a set of lectures including the top ranked speakers for each of the topics that are covered in our review course. 

  •  CD 1 Systemic Pathology 
  • CD 2 Systemic Pathology 
  • CD 3 Systemic Pathology 
  • CD 4 Cytopathology and Hematopathology 
  • CD 5 Immunopathology and Blood Bank 
  • CD 6 Microbiology 
  • CD 7 Clinical Chemistry 
  • CD 8 Notes 

part-1,         part-2,        part-3,          part-4
part-5,        part-6,        part-7,           part-8,

part-9,       part-10,      part-11,         part-12,
part-13,     part-14,      part-15,          part-16,

part-17,     part-18,      part-19,          part-20,
part-21,     part-22,      part-23,         part-24

part-25,      part-26,    part-27,         part-28,
part-29,     part-30,    part-31,        part-32,

part-33,     part-34,    part-35,        part-36,
part-37,     part-38,   part-39,        part-40.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Histology Techniques: Tissue Preparation for Light Microscopy

Demonstration of basic histology techniques including fixation, embedding, sectioning, staining and observation of a glass microslide operation.


Grossing: Placenta


Grossing: Placenta

Gross examination of a fresh placenta with sections submitted for microscopic examination.


Grossing: Small Bowel

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Micro Cell Phone

With the use of a digital camera one scientist believes he has found a way to take a closer look at cells, improving the way we detect diseases today.